Schedule an oil change through your auto insurance app? Yes, you can.

Auto Dealer Apps

Auto insurance apps are not just for filing claims anymore, can auto dealer apps be far behind?

As consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices to perform daily functions like banking or shopping for groceries, insurance companies are finding new ways to engage customers through sophisticated technology. The insurance industry’s major players, including Geico and Progressive, have turned their attention to creating more powerful and user-friendly mobile applications that serve as a “one-stop-shop” for all things related to what they insure.

For example, the Geico Mobile App boasts car insurance-specific functions that have been around for some time such as filing claims and roadside assistance. However, they’ve added new features like Vehicle Care - a platform customers can use to schedule service and maintenance appointments at the click of a button. It’s powered through a partnership with myCARFAX®, and adds value by saving people time. The site markets the product as: “Manage your car insurance—and your car!”.

However, just how many consumers are turning to insurance applications on a regular basis is to be debated. According to a 2017 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study published by J.D. Power, “Nearly one-fourth (22%) of auto insurance customers begin their interaction with an insurer online, but just 9% of customers opt to report a claim digitally via the web or a mobile app”. This may seem low, but keep in mind that quantity is not always quality. Clearsurance recently conducted a poll of mobile app users for six of the largest auto insurance carriers in August 2018; reported sentiment was positive and users enjoyed the overall ease mobile auto insurance apps offer.

Will people quickly adapt to these new in-app features? It’s hard to say. But consumers are increasingly turning to mobile interactions with the companies they do business with. As consumers embrace apps related to their cars, it's inevitable that they'll expect apps to be part of the car-buying experience.


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