3 ways to wow your auto dealership customers with their first car buying experience.

Auto Dealer First Car Buying Experience

A first time car shopping experience sets the standard for years of dealership perception. Plain and simple. And to add even more pressure, car shoppers are reading blogs about everything they should or shouldn’t do when buying for the first time. It may feel like an uphill battle, until you start putting yourself in your buyer’s first-time shoes.

1. Know your “first car” lot: 

Every morning, take quick inventory of your lot and identify the top new and used vehicles that are in the sweet spot for first time car buyers. It’s already overwhelming to shop for a first car, so the easier you make it the better.

2. Prepare a special gift:

Come up with a gift only offered to first time car buyers to remind them of how great your dealership is well after they drive off the lot. Get creative and think about how you felt about your first car. Maybe it’s one free monthly car wash for a year. Personalized car mats.

3. Help them make it happen now:

There are times when even the most educated first-time car buyer stumbles when faced with a question like “Do you know your credit score?” or “Do you have car insurance?”. Meet their expectations by providing on-the-spot credit and instant access to auto insurance from apps like DealerPolicy, which delivers on-the-spot credit scores and car insurance quotes in a matter of minutes, and sometimes seconds.

If you learn anything from these tips, let it be that firsts in life are the standard. By making the first car buying experience remarkable, thoughtful, and easy - you may turn this one deal into a lifetime of referrals.


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