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April 11, 2023

Polly Wants a Sympathetic Ear in an Uncomfortably Hilarious Campaign

Polly, a company that embeds car insurance into the car buying process, spins what some people might think is crazy into inspiration to use the service.
By Kyle O'Brien on Feb. 16, 2023 

Polly worked with TBWA\Chiat\Day LA on a series of films, along with a new design aesthetic and a new brand experience for car purchasers in a campaign titled, “Get it Together.” The brand is on a mission to create a better consumer experience by bringing car buying and car insurance together. The campaign films have fun with a series of car buyers who, for some reason, need to disclose their inner-most secrets and unconventional lifestyles.

In “UFO,” a woman talks about her other-worldly experience to a Polly representative who, instead of fleeing the weirdness, embraces her story and smartly segues into how Polly can help her dreams of owning the car they are sitting in come true with the combination of the auto and insurance.

“Collective” finds a man in the driver’s seat telling the Polly rep about his experience living a different type of lifestyle in a commune. The same uncomfortable storytelling comes to a vampire wannabe character and a very passionate collector of tiny furniture.

The four films were produced by JOJX and directed by Trevor Clarence.

“Like more and more businesses that seem to be rediscovering the importance of a meaningful brand, in this age of data driven marketing, we were looking to create brand stories that were rooted in human experience,” said Chris Omark, SVP Brand at Polly in a statement.

The creative inspiration was derived from the idea that rather than vilify something or someone disruptive, collaboration might actually be the key to breaking through the noise. The same ideology is what led to the new visual identity for the company, which now takes a more consumer-forward approach, though it targets both b2b and b2c audiences with dozens of assets for Polly’s social and digital channels and print assets which are rooted in a new visual identity system including a new logo, typography, color palettes and brand symbols.

The images seen throughout the campaign across film, digital and print highlights the benefits of purchasing a car and car insurance together while leaving the rest of life’s decisions up to you.


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Polly is on a mission to offer people a better way to buy insurance, by embedding it into life’s biggest, most important purchases, like a car or a home. Instead of having to buy a car in one place and insurance in another, Polly embeds 30+ top insurance choices into the car-buying process. Get insurance options from...

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