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January 17, 2024

Polly Unveils Groundbreaking Study: 4 Out of 5 Millennials & Gen Z Want to Buy Insurance While Buying Their Car


Younger Buyers are Redefining the Car Buying Journey, Creating New Income and Customer Experience Opportunities for Dealerships

BURLINGTON, VT (January 17, 2024) — Polly, the trailblazer in embedded auto insurance, released its 2024 Embedded Auto Insurance Study today, which details profound trends in consumer buying preferences and expectations, with a focus on buyers 45 and younger. The study, which explores the role of insurance in the car buying process, reveals that these buyers prefer a seamless car shopping experience that includes insurance. The growing consumer preference for integrated insurance provides dealerships with an opportunity to unlock new revenue streams while enhancing the customer experience, as they become a one-stop-shop for today's modern car buyers. 

Shaping the Future: The Millennial and Gen Z Perspective 
Buyers under 45 are leading this trend. They share a remarkable consensus that insurance should be an integral part of the car buying process. An overwhelming 80% of respondents affirmed this belief, underlining their desire for a seamless experience when acquiring their vehicles. 

Embracing Digital Convenience 
The study further highlighted that 81% of these young buyers express a desire to purchase car insurance while buying their vehicle. And it's not just about having insurance at the right time and right place; it's about having the right method as well. A striking 82% of respondents are eager to do it through their smartphones, embracing the convenience of digital platforms. 

Awareness & Innovation 
In addition, 77% of Millennials and Gen Z are already aware that they can shop for insurance with apps on their smartphones while in the dealership, signaling a growing awareness of alternative channels for insurance. Polly's study emphasizes the significance of this awareness and the innovation it can inspire within the automotive industry. 

Beyond Expectation  
83% of these young consumers have purchased other types of embedded insurance in the last 6 months. Not only are they ready for integrated insurance solutions, but they are also already buying them. These findings underscore the growing trend among younger buyers who seek streamlined processes and comprehensive solutions. 

Implications for Dealers: A Win-Win for Revenue & Customer Experience 
For dealerships, these trends present promising new revenue and customer experience opportunities. By offering seamless insurance solutions as part of the car buying process, dealerships can potentially increase their revenue streams while elevating the overall customer experience. The study serves as a blueprint for dealers to leverage technology and innovation to meet the evolving needs of their customers. 

“Our embedded auto insurance study reveals that Millennials and Gen Z aren't just looking for vehicles; they're seeking a holistic buying experience that includes insurance. The research is clear, consumer demand for integrated solutions is not a passing trend. It's a new norm," said Chief Marketing Officer Mike Burgiss. 

The findings will be an integral part of Polly’s presence at the NADA conference in Las Vegas from February 1 to 4, where the company is set to make a significant impact on the industry. Dealers can reserve a demo today and visit Polly at Booth #7338N. For more information about Polly’s 2024 Embedded Auto Insurance study, visit 


About Polly 
Polly delivers unexpected value by embedding insurance into life's biggest purchases. As the leading embedded automotive insurance marketplace, Polly seamlessly integrates coverage options from 40+ insurance carriers into the automotive buying experience at thousands of dealerships across the country, delivering savings to consumers when they need it most. With more than $11 billion in coverage placed, shoppers trust Polly for instant quotes, immediate coverage, and expert live agents. Experience the unexpected value of embedded auto insurance at 

Media Contact: 
Ben Jastatt 
Polly Insurance Agency, LLC 

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Ben Jastatt

Ben is Polly's Senior Director of Marketing Communications. For more than a decade, Ben has led communications and marketing teams within the automotive and technology space. He currently leads the Polly marketing communications and brand functions.

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