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March 28, 2024

Exclusive Insights: Back-End Gross Lift of $264 By Just Having an Insurance Conversation at the Dealership

Embedded Insurance Report

We're thrilled to release our Quarterly Embedded Auto Insurance Report – data-driven insights on the embedded auto insurance opportunity for automotive dealers.  

TLDR: The insurance market is improving in 2024, and dealerships with an insurance program see a significant uptick in back-end gross (10% or more). 

Across 384,121 Vehicle Transactions, Customers Who Received Insurance Quotes Spent More in the F&I OfficeIncrease Back-End Gross


Market Recovery on the Horizon
After a tough couple of years, the embedded auto insurance market is poised for a recovery in 2024. Carriers are rapidly warming up to new business.

Embedded Auto Insurance Market Opportunity: Q1 2023 – Q1 2024*

Embedded Insurance Opportunity

The Insurance Advantage:Dealership Profit
Dealerships that integrated an insurance program saw a significant uptick in back-end gross (10% or more), a testament to the power of offering comprehensive financial solutions to your customers. Dealerships offering insurance see notable increases in back-end gross. $636 more dealer profit when buyers switch and save on insurance.


Dealership ProfitCustomer Engagement = Increased Profitability:
Engaging customers with insurance quotes has not only elevated their buying experience but has also substantially boosted back-end profits, even for those who opted not to purchase insurance immediately.
Our report reveals $264 higher back-end gross when car buyers receive insurance quotes at the dealership.

Our Quarterly Embedded Auto Insurance Report is a quantitative showcase of the benefits of integrating insurance conversations within the dealership experience. The real uptick in back-end gross profit, to the tune of $264 merely from offering insurance quotes, highlights the promise of insurance in the dealership.  
With the auto insurance market recovery in 2024, there's never been a better time for dealerships to embrace embedded insurance to meet customers' financial needs while significantly boosting the dealership's bottom line.  
For a deeper dive into our findings and to uncover how your dealership can capitalize on this emerging trend, we invite you to access the full report. 




Ben Jastatt

Ben is Polly's Senior Director of Marketing Communications. For more than a decade, Ben has led communications and marketing teams within the automotive and technology space. He currently leads the Polly marketing communications and brand functions.

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