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March 11, 2024

Product Update: Polly Pay is Now Easier to Register

Streamlined sign-up gets your sales team started with Polly for Dealers quicker and easier

The updated Polly Pay sign-up process is available to all new Polly for Dealers users. When new users are onboarded, they can register for Polly Pay (powered by Hyperwallet) right within the app.

What is it? 

Polly for Dealers users access their earned referral compensation through Polly Pay, which is powered by Hyperwallet.  

We’ve made changes to how new users set up and register for their referral payments within Polly for Dealers. Polly Pay registration can be started and completed from the My Performance page after logging in to your account. 

Why the change?

This enhancement focuses on our dealer’s ease of use. Previously, new users would need to leave the Polly app and follow directions for payment set-up from a registration email. We noticed this could be a confusing transition for some users. 

Now, the entire process is done within the Polly app without the need to wait for a registration emails, or a support rep. New users can complete the sign-up process faster and immediately get paid when referring Polly. 

How does it work? 

On the 'My Performance' page, new users will be directed to enroll with Polly Pay to access their referral earnings in three quick steps: 

Start creating a Polly Pay account (Powered by Hyperwallet)  by clicking on the Enroll to Access Funds button on the My Performance page. 

You are then asked to confirm your email and phone number before continuing to the new Hyperwallet sign up process. 



From here, your Hyperwallet registration begins. Registrants will need to complete a handful of personal identifying and account creation questions. Referrals paid from Polly are considered taxable income so make sure this information is accurate before continuing. 

The last step in activating your Hyperwallet account is the eCommunications disclosure. You must accept the disclosure to receive your 1099 tax forms at the end of the year. 

Now that your Polly Pay is activated, you can select how you’d like to receive referral earnings (Pre-paid debit card, PayPal, ACH, etc.) by clicking “Edit Payment Options”. 

This will take you to your newly created Hyperwallet account. Click on the “Transfer” top navigation option and then select what payment type you’d like to receive your referrals through. 

And with that, you can start accessing earned referrals. 

Still have questions about the changes to Polly Pay? Reach out to our client support team and they can assist you with setting up or managing your account. 

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