Polly Embarks on One of the Largest Rooftop Solar Projects in Vermont

Polly is thrilled to embark on one of the largest rooftop solar projects in Vermont at our flagship office! Our partners at SunCommon, a Vermont-based solar energy company, began installation of solar panels on our roof at the beginning of February. Once complete, this project will make a huge impact on our sustainable energy use and our community.

“Installing solar panels on our roof will allow us to create a more sustainable footprint and make an impact on our local community. It is a no-brainer and the project aligns well with our Polly values to be transformational and caring. Together, we can help drive change,” Polly Head of Carrier Relations and Co-Founder, Jeff Mongeon said.


What is solar power?

Solar power is a renewable resource that captures energy from the sun, which is the most abundant energy resource on Earth. Solar panels can convert that energy to generate electrical or thermal energy which can be used to power homes, businesses & utilities.

At Polly, the energy we collect will power our company operations at our flagship office and help us lower our overall carbon footprint. As mentioned in the Annual Environmental Benefits* graphic above, it will free up enough electricity to power 22.3 homes in our local area! We are very excited about this initiative and look forward to having our new solar panels up and running at the Polly HQ soon.

About the Installation:

System Size: 178kWDC
Module Model: LG 445 W Monofacial
Number of Modules: 400
Mounting System: Gridflex 5 ballasted
Orientation: 195 degrees South
Tilt: 5 degrees
Inverter Technology: SE120kW

*Environmental benefit figures are provided by SunCommon

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